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The 11 Forgotten Laws – Review of New Bob Proctor System

The 11 Forgotten Laws

The 11 Forgotten Laws Review

The everyday challenges of life can seem daunting at times, but many times they can be overcome by using basic mental, emotional and spiritual concepts that some people fail to use. “The 11 Forgotten Laws” is a series of e-books that will show people how to regain their life by overcoming obstacles, obtaining goals and finding success.

What it teaches

“The 11 Forgotten Laws” will enable readers to apply positive thinking to every aspect of their life. This includes finding positive outcomes from “perceived” failures. Learning from mistakes is a valuable tool, one which the book reinforces.

Readers will learn how to utilize brainpower to overcome challenges and negativity by using logic. The relationship between thoughts and desires and how they impact reality will be shown. Doubts and second-guessing will go by the wayside, leading to rewards and accomplishing goals. Negative thoughts are vanquished and replaced with confidence, happiness and success, which will also lead to more productivity. Once this has been achieved on a small level, the book will demonstrate how to exponentially increase that success.

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The techniques taught in the book can be used in everyday life. Readers will learn a combination of logical thinking, positive outlook and aggressive decision-making to overcome challenges and successfully attain their goals. It is based on the Law of Attraction, which theorizes that positive thoughts will result in positive outcomes, while negative thoughts bring negative results. “The 11 Forgotten Laws” is written by self-help motivational speakers Bob Proctor, creator of The Science of Getting Rich program, and Mary Morrissey, writer of “Prosperity Plus.”

What it contains

Each of the 11 forgotten laws is its own e-book. However, the system itself is an interactive online course that includes 95 audio transcript tracks on 12 CDs, including a prologue, entitled “Working with the Law,” that prepares users mentally for the 11 laws. Three bonus courses are also included. They are The Prosperity Program, Manifest Like a Millionaire and the Silva Centering Exercise.

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No matter what goals someone has set for their self, “The 11 Forgotten Laws” can help them find success in life. By replacing negative thoughts that can hinder individual progress with positive ideas, what were once perceived as roadblocks will become steps to happiness. The techniques may seem basic but they have become forgotten for many. “The 11 Forgotten Laws” reinforces the power of positive thinking to help users improve their chances for success in every aspect of life.

The 11 Forgotten Laws




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